Lori Edwards, Polk County Supervisor of Elections

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Municipal Elections

The Following Cities Will Hold an Election on

April 2nd, 2013:

Bartow, Davenport, Dundee, Eagle Lake, Frostproof, 

Lake Hamilton, Lake Wales, and Winter Haven

Voter Registration Deadline


City residents who are not registered to vote, but would like to participate in the April 2nd City Elections, have until March 4th to submit their completed voter registration form to the Elections Office in Bartow. To register to vote on-line, Click here.
Registered voters are reminded to update the elections office with any name or address changes prior to Election Day.  To change your voter information on-line, Click here.


2 Easy Ways to Vote 


Vote By Mail: To request an absentee ballot,  Click here.
Vote at Your Polling Location: Polls are open 7 am to 7 pm on Election Day.  See available polling locations below for your city.


Polling Locations

Polls will be open Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013 from 7am - 7pm.  Some voters will have a new polling location for this election only.  Please use your precinct number, found on your voter identification card, to locate your polling location.

  • All Bartow City Residents vote at:  Bartow Civic Center (Game Room),
    2250 S Floral Avenue (Click here for map)
  • All Davenport City Residents vote at: Davenport Community Center,
    5 S Allapaha Avenue (Click here for map)
  • All Dundee City Residents vote at:  Dundee Community Center,
    603 Lake Marie Drive (Click here for map)
  • All Eagle Lake City Residents vote at:  Eagle Lake Community Complex, (Civic League Room),
    75 N 7th Street (Click here for map)
  • All Frostproof City Residents vote at:  First Baptist Church,
    96 W B Street (Click here for map)
  • All Lake Hamilton Town Residents vote at: Lake Hamiltons Woman's Club, 85 Omaha Street (Click here for map)
  • All Lake Wales City Residents vote at:  Lake Wales Municipal Complex,
    201 W Central Avenue (Click here for map)

  • All Winter Haven City Residents:
    - Precincts 313 and 314 vote at: 1st Baptist Church of Lucerne Park,
      5650 SR 544/Lucerne Park Rd (Click here for map)
    - Precincts 310, 319, and 340 vote at: Champions Church,
      1801 Havendale Blvd NW (Click here for map)
    - Precinct 325 votes at: Samson Masonic Lodge,
      120 Avenue R NW (Click here for map)
    - Precincts 322, 323, 324 and 326 vote at:
     Winter Haven Senior Center,
      250 S Lake Silver Dr NW (Click here for map)
    - Precincts 305, 311, 320, 327, 329, 330, 335 and 336 vote at:
     Chain of Lakes Complex,
      210 Cypress Gardens Blvd (Click here for map)
    - Precincts 331, 332, 339, 415, 417, 424, 522 and 529 vote at:
     Calvary Baptist Church, 
      2101 Overlook Dr (Click here for map)