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Outreach Services

The Outreach Department's goals are to raise voter awareness among residents of Polk County, to provide opportunities for the public to learn about the elections process, and to provide convenience when registering to vote.  

We are pleased to offer the following services to our residents:

Tour Election Headquarters - Our office is comprised of five departments with each one playing an important role in the success of our office.  Come see how your Elections Office operates and give our experts an opportunity to answer your questions. 

Request a Speaker - Pick from one of the popular topics below or help us customize a presentation for your audience.

Voting Trends - Get the inside scoop on Polk County Elections: How has the voting process changed over the years, who votes and who doesn't, and plenty more statistics.

Why is Voting Important? - Let us show your group how our elected officials impact our lives.  During this presentation we make each person aware of the power of their vote.

Countdown to Election Day - Have a member of our staff explain the "3 Easy Ways to Vote" and answer questions concerning the ballot.  We can also bring our voting equipment and demonstrate what to expect at the polls.

Vote in Honor of a Veteran - This program is geared toward high school students.  After listening to a Polk County Veteran, students are given a biography of a Veteran and asked to register to vote in their honor.  This program is a very powerful way to express the importance of voting to young adults.

C.A.R.E. (Citizens Acting Responsibly Everyday) - This is an interactive presentation which teaches elementary and middle school students what it means to be a good citizen and why it is important for students to C.A.R.E. about voting.

Invite the Elections Office to your event - We can provide a variety of voter services including: voter registration, updating name, address, or party affiliation changes, and requesting an absentee ballot.  This is a convenient way to offer a needed service to your group.

Learn about our voting system - Get a "hands-on" experience with our voting equipment.  Residents of all ages may mark a demonstration ballot and discover how easy it is to vote in Polk County.


Education Services

The Supervisor of Elections provides information for both students and teachers to use in developing a better understanding of the electoral process.

For Students

Guide to Elected Officials:SouthEastern University

Learn more about your elected officials like their name, position, and terms served.  You can also write letters to them using their email address.

Community Service Opportunities:

Click here to learn how you can better serve your community through various community service  activities.

Educational Links: 

Explore these websites for more exciting information as well as games that will teach you more about the electoral process.

For Teachers

Lesson Plans:

Browse through our list of lesson plans that will assist you in teaching your class more about the electoral system.

Community Outreach Projects:

Click here to learn how you can contribute to your community through various outreach projects such as registration drives and voting in honor of a vet.

Educational Links:

Explore these websites for more exciting information as well as games that will teach your students more about the electoral process.

If you would like to request any of the above services, please fill out the online Community Involvement Form and you will be contacted by one of our staff members. If you would like further information please contact PJ at pjleiva@polkelections.com or call 863-534-5888.