Lori Edwards, Polk County Supervisor of Elections
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Printable Forms and Publications

Click any of the below links to download the forms or publications in PDF format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here to download and install.

Voter Registration Application Form:    English    Español

Voter Information Brochure:    English    Español

Instructions to Voters:    English    Español

Report Voter Fraud:    English    Español

Voter Rights:    English    Español

Voter Responsibilities:    English    Español

Vote by Mail Brochure:    English    Español

Omitted Signature Affidavit for Absentee Ballot: English    Español

Confidential Records Request Form:    English   Español

2015 - 2016 Guide to Elected Officials:   English    Español

Florida Voter Registration and Voting Guide:    English  Español

Oath for Acquisition Form